Lawcate helps law students to locate opportunities to build practical employability skills so they can make the most of their time at university and be better prepared to enter the workforce. As Monash law students, we have experienced first-hand the overwhelming amount of career information in our inboxes and news-feeds. It's hard to know what's right for you and when. We want to change that. We are here to help bridge the gap between where you are now and the career to which you aspire, so that from your first day of law school you can make the most of what uni life has to offer.



Monique Tarrant

I’m a fourth year Law and Arts student, completing a major in International Relations and a minor in Media and Communications. I am  excited about the potential of Lawcate to help students grapple with the complexities that encompass the plethora of legal career options.


Rihini Premasooriya

I’m a penultimate year Bachelor of Laws student. I moved to Melbourne from Colombo in 2018 for my studies at Monash University. It has been a wonderful journey through law school so far and I am looking forward to the next step of entering my dream career.


Angela Wang

I’m a second year straight law student. I’m from New Zealand and moved to Melbourne for university. I love immersing myself into university culture through living on res and meeting people from all over the world.


Mahi Joshi

I’m a penultimate year Bachelor of Laws and Arts (Politics) student at Monash University. I hope to use my passion in pro bono, access to justice and community legal matters at Lawcate to help guide fellow law students pursuing a progessive law career.


Monique Walker

I’m a penultimate year Bachelor of Arts & Laws student. I hope to help students equip themselves with the employability skills which will launch them into their dream career.


Aimee Morcos

I am a penultimate year student studying a Bachelor of Laws at Monash University. Amongst trying to take up each and every aspect that University has to offer, I have loved being a part of the Law Ambassador Program which has afforded me the opportunity to work on Lawcate alongside such an amazing team!


Shabrea Teo

I’m a second year student studying Commerce/Law. I love exploring different programs, clubs and meeting new people that inspire me in various aspects, and enable me to build unique connections.


Sebastian Kostas

I’m a second year student studying a Bachelor of Law & Commerce. I moved over to Melbourne from Vancouver Canada when I was 13 and have loved immersing myself in Aussie culture as well as Uni culture.


Nithini Perera

I’m a second year Law and Arts student majoring in politics. I am super excited to join the Lawcate team and work with lots of really wonderful people to create something that helps out other law students! 


Isabel Paige

I’m a third year Law and Commerce (Finance) student at Monash University. I’m very keen to help students find their way through university, in particular through social, professional and educational programs and opportunities.


Yasmin De Jersey

I am a pensultimate Law and Commerce (Business Analytics) student who moved from Tasmania to study at Monash Univeristy. The Lawcate team are a fantasic group to be a part of and I love knowing that my work is helping my fellow law students develop their skills and careers for the future.


Rak Aggarwal

I’m a third year Commerce/Law student, majoring in Economics. I hope to be able to assist students in utilising their skills to fill gaps in the industry and propel their professional careers.


Aamna Syed

I’m in my third year studying Law and Commerce majoring in Finance. As someone who has utilised the LawCate platform in the past, I am super excited to be a part of the tech development team to try to help other law students in their journey through law school.