Struggling to keep up with remote learning? Striving for an HD while you've got some extra time on your hands? The Monash LSS are hear to help! With an LSS membership you can attend tutorials run by HD students. Even if you miss the tutorials you can head to the Exam Revision seminar at the end of semester. All classes and seminars are being run via Zoom at the moment so you can work towards that HD in your PJs.

LSS Tutorials

The LSS Student Tutorials Program is run all throughout semester and is in high demand. Our highly distinguished students provide a weekly tutorial to reinforce the course work you struggle with to alleviate those nasty law school freak-outs. There’s nothing like an LSS tutorial to make you feel more at ease with your work load and the infamously complex content. LSS tutorials will be run online this semester and can be found here.

LSS Exam Revision Seminars

The LSS Exam Reivion Seminars are a gift to all law students. Our tutors provide exam guidance and preparation for your law subjects, having already aced the subject themselves. What better way to feel prepared for your exams is there, if not an intensive 90 minute exam revision seminar run by a law legend? Feel the HD, be the HD.

Monash Law Library Workshops

If you need help with your studies or assignments, you can drop-in via Zoom to get expert advice from a learning skills adviser or librarian. The librarians can help you with research skills, approaching assignments, study methods, effective learnign strategies and much more!