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Studying law can be extremely tough, and especially doing it as your second language. To make a law school life a bit easier, I decided to choose an enjoyable environment. After two and a half years in my law degree, I can say that law school in Australia is somewhat less stressful and more chill than I’ve experienced in my home country. Here are some benefits of studying law in Australia.

Exploring a double degree

Most of the Australian universities offer a double degree for a bachelor of law. This is very useful because it exposes you to other areas of study you might be interested in and makes you more unique in the area of expertise after you graduate.

Making new friends

Another benefit of studying law in Australia is that the majority of students are doing double degrees. You will meet your classmates looking at different things with you and help you expand your circle of friends at university. This is so helpful, especially for international students who are living alone. This helps me step out of my comfort zone, build my confidence, try new things, and make the most out of my university experiences.

Learning the culture

Exposure to a multicultural environment allows me to be more open-minded and a well-rounded person. It is also enjoyable to learn new things every day and adapt to a different classroom environment than what you used to. It also benefits you to communicate effectively, which is a crucial skill to have as a lawyer.

If you are an international student studying law at Monash University, here are some valuable resources for you:

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