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Only a few weeks left until exam periods and still trying to find motivation to catch-up on lectures and make study plans for exams? It happens to all of us that sometimes we lose the motivation to study or spend too much time to complete one task and don’t get a lot done in a day.

Here are three apps that you can use to be more organized and stay on top of your game in Law School.


To stay on top of the game, it is essential to be organized and prioritize tasks. MOMENTUM is the app designed to replace a search page with a personal dashboard that features your customized daily task, a to-do list, and an inspiration quote.

You can enter a daily focus and track your to-dos of the day. This is very helpful with time management. The reminder of your ‘focus of the day’ helps eliminate distractions and overcome procrastination.


After setting up your daily focus, it is also important to allocate those tasks well and manage your time throughout your day. BE-FOCUSED helps you get things done by breaking your study session into discrete intervals with short breaks. This applies to not only study sessions but for exercises and time for self-care.

You can set up a timer of how long you want your study session to be and how long you want your study break. A highly suggested time is ( 45 to 5 x3), 45 minutes study session with a 5-minute break, repeated 3 times, and reward yourself with a long break.


SELF-CONTROL is an application for Mac and PC that allows you to block websites and applications. You can customize your own list of websites to be stopped and how long you want the session to be. Once the timer begins, you will not be able to access those websites.

This is a great tool to avoid scrolling through social media, watching Netflix, or replying to messages during your study time. It also mutes notifications on your screen so you can stay 100% focused on your task.

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